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Sites of the culture war

We maintain a large database of sites involved in extremist ideology, militancy, terrorism, anti-semitism&anti-zionism and other increasingly popular activity on the web.  It contains sites owned by al Quaeda, Ku Klux Klan, various communist outlets - in short, everything.  A great many are hate sites or associates.


The base maps many variables, for example cross-ideological links.

Over the last few years we have watched the islamic assault on the west - Europe, the US and Israel - engulf the net in ways most people are not likely to be aware of.  Currently, islamist sites advocating genocide, torture, superstition and a plethora of totalitarian fever dreams seem to be on their way to outgrow the web of pornography, which takes some doing

On this site we list the latest additions to the base in short form, that is no url, no classification, no analysis and no raw data.

More that may be available is a huge repository of multimedia, statistics and raw spider data.

Updated the site with PayPal donation buttons.

For information, contact admin@junipersec.com

Current Activity

Current activity