Salamu alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
I need information of Comander Ilyas Kashmiri.
This is the info i already know.

Ilyas Kashmiri fought in the Jihad in Kashmir. He was fighting under a Palestinian commander. His commander was injured and called Ilyas and the others. The commander of Ilyas made the Ilyas and the rest swear and take an oath not to stop Jihad untill Bayt al Maqdis is captured. He continued his Jihad against the cow-worshipers of India. He was once caught by the Indian Army. So Ilyas called an Indian army General aside, where he told him something that turned the face of the General pale. The General released Ilyas. Ilyas Kashmiri was a dangerous commander. He used to disguise so properly, that he used to seat himself next to the Indian Army Officers on a bus ride.

Once, he was on a bus. He saw to Army soldiers talking about him as a dangerous commander while he was seated just behind their backs.

Once, Ilyas Kashmiri needed funds for the Mujahideen. So he dressed up like a drunkard and went to the place where the Hindus used to worship their idols. He waited until everybody went and took their solid gold idols and melted it and used it for the Mujahideen.

Once, Ilyas was being hunted down by the Indian Army. They came close to him, so he lay inside a puddle of water. His entire body was under the puddle of water accept his nose. For three days he lay inside a puddle with only his nose out to breath. The Hindus came searching for him, The dogs of the Hindus were sniffing and barking at the puddle but the soldiers ignored. This was the protection that Allah subhanahu wata'ala gave to him.

He lost a finger in Jihad.

Ilyas Kashmiri (H.A) stayed in Pakistan for many years. He was at first funded by Pakistan Government but he distanced himself from the Pak Gov and joined Al Qaida. His Brigade is known as "Al Qaida Brigade 313" and thats the forum name. Brother abu hurairah can tell you more about Brigade 313 as he is a Mujahid fighting in the 313 Brigade.

From what I heard from different sources, Ilyas Kashmiri is the Most dangerous Al Qaida member in the entire world. Ilyas prepared and planned Most of Al Qaida's Big operations from Marriot Hottel, to Abu Dujanah al Khursani, and probably 9/11, 77, and Faisal Shahzad. Ilyas has connection with Mujahideen in Iraq and other places as well. He has the ability with the permission of Allah swt to strike any land at any time. He is directly under the order of Sheikh Usama bin Laden. According to some sources, he is also a senior advisor to the TTP and Taliban Afghanistan and their latest strategy seems to be planned by Ilyas Kashmiri May Allah Protect him.

anybody can give me additional info...?

Wassalamu alaikum
Your brother
Abu Musab az-Zarqawi